Selection Process

To win SuperStartUps Asia 2018 a brand needs to go through a four-stage selection proces

  • The first step is entry. Brands need to be nominated for SuperStartUp Asia status.
  • All online startups and apps launched in Asia which are open to the public are eligible. In tandem to this, a running ‘election’ will be taking place online, where thousands of people spread across India and neighbouring countries will vote for their favourite startups.
  • The second step of the process entails the consolidated list of names being sent to our panel of judges who shall look it over before deciding on a shortlist.
  • Next, this merged shortlist will be uploaded to the online research engine,, where thousands of users from all across India will rate and score the participants on various key parameters such as usefulness and uniqueness.
  • The fourth step consists of the finalists being offered the title. If they choose to participate in the program, after paying a one time fee, they are required to provide some basic information on vision and success stats.

Once completed, the winners are formally awarded the honour of SuperStartUp Asia: 2018 at a high profile function.