SuperStartUps Asia: 2018

SuperStartUps Asia 2018 a badge of honour for the creme de la creme of the Asian start-up world. This initiative is the second chapter of the SuperStartUp Awards that debuted in 2017 in the ‘startup capital of the world’- India.

This year, they’re back, they’re bigger and they’re going international. Entrepreneurs seeking pan-Asia recognition for their excellence can send their entries. Not only is this program unique – it is totally impartial as well.

The SuperStartUps are not presided over by any panel of judges but by the citizens, or rather Netizens, of India and neighbouring countries. Thousands of ‘voters’ in and around the subcontinent will choose the online brands they love. For brands this is an invaluable opportunity to be recognised for the effort they have put in, for their quality control standards, for all their value additions and for all the things that make them stand apart. For consumers, the SuperStartUps title signals trust, reliability and an innate recognition that the brand is at the top of the pyramid. Simply put, if you become a SuperStartUp – you’ve truly earned the honour!